Every day is a good day to workout! And if you do it right, you can move your body every day. And feel better for it. To show you how it can be done, I have created a full week of workouts-plan for you. The workouts range from 20-40 minutes per day and you don’t need any equipment.

Day 1 20 minutes Lower body
20-Minute HIIT Lower-Body Bodyweight Workout With Tabata Finisher – With Warm-Up & Cool-Down | SELF

Day 2 30 minutes Abs and arms
30-Minute No-Equipment Arms and Abs Workout

Day 3 30 minutes Stretching
BEGINNER FLEXIBILITY ROUTINE (Stretches for the Inflexible)

Day 4 30 minutes Pilates
30 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates

Day 5 40 minutes Yoga
Yoga Flow For Athletes With Calvin Corzine

Day 6 30 minutes HIIT cardio
Extreme HIIT Cardio Workout // No Repeats (No Equipment)

Day 7 30 minutes Pilates
Ultimate Pilates Toning Workout | 30 Minutes Abs, Glutes, Back | Lottie Murphy