If you are in the mood to challenge yourself, this is the workout for you today. It’s a full hour of bodyweight work and some of the exercises are really tough.

What to expect: well it’s a full hour workout so you can pretty much expect everything. Floor-work, lateral strength and cardio, the basics.. It’s all there. Make sure to take a rest day after this one!

What I love about this workout is that there are three levels or ‘mods’ as they call it at Evolve Fitness. You can pick and choose with every exercise if you want to go for the base level (mod 2), increase by doing mod 3 or decrease by going for mod 1. This way you can work alongside a trainer at all times. Unfortunately the camera doen’t show everyone all the time so you have to pay attention and then stay in the work yourself.

My view: this is a great one hour workout with many different exercises and modifications. It’s 60 minutes of hard work and you will feel strong and accomplished afterwards. Although they modify this workout for every level, I won’t put a beginner level-stamp on it because they don’t always show the beginner level modification at the start of the exercise. So you have to start on an advanced level for a few reps before you get the modification.

+ 60 minutes
+ Full body
+ Mobility
+ Bodyweight strength
+ No equipment needed
+ Intermediate and advanced
+ Modifications
+ With music
+ Male trainer
+ Follow along

– No timer
– There is a beginner level modification available in this video, but it is not always shown at the beginning of each exercise


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