The ‘shortest workout ever’ according to The Body Coach. But you’ll be happy you did it!

What to expect

Lift your energy, lift your vibe and do it quick! The workout is setup like this: you’ll be doing an exercise (like running in place, squats, mountain climbers and crunches) for 45 seconds. After that you get 15 seconds of rest before you get on with the next one. Ten exercises and you are done! And you even get a quick little warmup as well.

My view

I love quick little workouts to lift my spirits, and this is just that. It’s not too tough, but it will get your muscles working and blood flowing. Exactly the type of thing you might be looking for in a quick full body workout. Enjoy!

+ 10 minutes
+ full body HIIT
+ male trainer
+ with timer
+ no music
+ all fitness levels (but get ready for burpees)
+ including warmup but no cool down
+ no equipment


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