Brand new to working out? Don’t feel quite confident about your fitness abilities? This is the workout for you!

Reviewing this video makes me proud of my platform. I only post the best YouTube workouts. Doing this I hope to make it easier for you to find workouts that are good for you. That will lower the bar to start, that will maybe even make you fall in love with working out or get better at doing it at home.

Posting workouts like these and sharing them with you makes me so happy!

What to expect

Great basic exercises that you do three times total. It’s a HIIT, which means you will be alternating high impact/high intensity exercises with low impact/low intensity exercises. This is great for developing stamina! If you have no fitness experience whatsoever, this is a good place to start. It’s af full body workout so after these 10 minutes, your done! Well, almost. There is no warmup or cool down in this workout so you’ll need to add those. Then you are done.

My view

I come across many workout with the ‘for beginner’ title, which are really not for beginners (at least not in my book). This one is a perfect beginner workout. It’s also great that you’ll be repeating the exercises a few times so you can really familiarize yourself with them.

Remember: find your own warmup and cool down workout to start with and finish, this is very important!

+ 10 minutes
+ bodyweight strength
+ ultimate beginner
+ low impact/no jump
+ no warmup or cool down
+ with music
+ female trainer
+ no equipment


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