I love this stretching/mobility routine. Great as-is, if you feel like you need to move around a bit during or after a long day of sitting. This workout is also great if you want to increase your over-all mobility, which can be very helpful in your other workouts.

What to expect

It’s 10 moves that you’ll be doing for 45 seconds each, with a little breather of 15 seconds in between. So in ten minutes total you’ve moved your body pretty much every which way and feel loose and flexible.

My view

You can do this full body flexibility and mobility routine anywhere, anytime (all you need is a mat) and it will make you feel really good. After doing quick routines like this I always feel more present and more relaxed.

I can totally recommend this one as a warmup as well.

+ 10 minutes
+ flexibility and mobility
+ warmup
+ stretch routine
+ female trainer
+ with previews
+ with timer
+ with music
+ no talking
+ female trainer
+ no equipment


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