Only got ten minutes for a quick workout today? This is where I tell you which ones you should consider.

These are the best ten minute workouts on YouTube

If you feel like there is just no time in your day to get in a good workout, think again! Studies have shown that a 10 minute workout can be an incredibly effective! As long as you find a way to get your heart rate up, get your muscles burning and work up a sweat: your body will benefit from it. When you are deciding between doing a ten minute workout tor doing nothing for ten minutes: the answer is always to do that ten minute workout!

Standing Barre workout by Popsugar

Combining some of my favourite core exercises (like standing crunches)  with ballet inspired moves: this is a core workout like no other. It’s only ten minutes, but there is even a warmup and cool down included in this one. So it does cover all he basics. The workout is also completely no-equipment, so ‘barre-inspired’, but no actual barre, chair or other surface is needed.

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High intensity core workout by Shona Vertue

Do you want to learn some new tricks? Shona Vertue is a real pro in teaching, so you’re in good hands with this one. This workout has some crazy fun next level exercises in them. It’s just ten minutes, but you’ll be working really hard!

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Quick stretch routine by Natacha Océane

Those of you that have been following me on instagram know that I am a sucker for a good stretching/mobility routine. If you feel like you need to move around a bit during or after a long day of sitting, this is the perfect workout to choose. Following along with this ten minute workout video is also a great great if you want to increase your over-all mobility.

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Upper body toning and strength workout by Madfit

This workout is short, fiery, straightforward, easy to follow and great for all those upper body muscles.

This workout by Madfit can be a really quick and tough ten minutes when you pick a heavier weight. If you are just starting out lifting weights at home, though, this is a great beginner workout. Just pick a lighter weight to begin with and familiarize yourself with the exercises. Whatever works for you.

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Booty shaping workout by Popsugar fitness

A specific workout like this helps you target the smaller muscles that you usually skip in the ‘bigger’ movements like squats and lunges. So it is a great quick addition to your workout routine. And if you only have ten minutes, it is definitely a ten minutes well spent!

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Intermediate calorie killer workout by Pamela Reif

If you want to work full body in just ten minutes and have some fun in the process, this is the workout that you should choose. In ten minutes you’ll be working through pretty basic bodyweight movements, that will kick up your heart rate and have you breathing faster: get that metabolism working! This workout is not too hot and heavy, but you will feel great after.

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The basics of planking by Dr. LA

This quick workout video by Dr. LA is another great ten minute workout. In this video you’ll learn about the fundamentals of planking. What is the best form, and how can you hold it? What are some of the modifications that you can take and what should you be feeling? It is a great way to check in with yourself and your posture. All the while working on your core for a quick ten minute session.

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Just remember

A quick ten minute HIIT training can boost your metabolism for hours! Burning calories throughout the whole day. A ten minute workout focussing on your mobility will help your posture during your next full workout. A quick booty workout can help strengthen the muscles in your lower body. Even in ten minutes.

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