Painful but effective. That is how I like my intermediate/advanced workouts. This workout is targeted to abs and specifically male abs. Let’s just say it’s pretty gruesome. But it’s also quick, only about 10 minutes and will probably be the most productive ten minutes of your life. If you can finish it, that is.

What to expect: trainer Ashley Conrad from uses a student to show you what you should be doing. There are two circuits that are repeated twice. There is no warmup or cool down so create some time for that yourself.

The transitions are very fast, no time is wasted. The trainer is very active and gives you crazy amounts of information during this workout, listen to them! This is going to be the difference between a mediocre workout and a killer workout that gets results.

My view: Ashley is not going to go easy on you. If you start this workout, get ready to work! out! I don’t think this video is appropriate for beginners, but you could try it out and take more time to rest in between the exercises. But be careful you don’t hurt yourself.

+ 10 minutes
+ Intermediate/Advanced
+ Core workout
+ No warmup or cool down
+ With music
+ Timer
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ Trainer and student
+ No modifications

– There might be an advertisement right at the beginning of the second set in the first circuit. Which is very annoying.


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