Quick, fun and effective!

What to expect

Equinox trainer Raneir Pollard will get you through this quick ten minute core Tabata with a smile on your face! In this Popsugar workout you’ll be working with the basics like bicycle crunches and flutter kicks, toning your abs with different plank styles and finishing up with reversed plank reaches. It’s just ten minutes but you’ll be doing a lot. Including a great little warm up.

My view

I love quick workouts like these, because they just really take away all the excuses you can think of not to workout. It’s quick, it has modifications, you don’t need any equipment and its fun. So if you are leaning towards saying no, just stop and press play. It’ll be over before you know it, with one big difference: a smile on your face.

+ 10 minutes
+ core
+ Tabata
+ male trainer
+ beginner & intermediate
+ with music
+ with timer
+ no equipment



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