Dr. LA is really great in creating video’s to get used to the basics. These video’s are great to start with, before you go into the more complex workouts. When you know how these exercises are done correctly, you get more out of your workouts.

If you want to see more: this is her plank (core) exercises video and this one is for the lower body.

What to expect: these exercises are all about the basics but they are essential for a good glute/booty workout. You can expect exercises like the clamshell and hip bridges. You do these for 45 seconds and then get a 15 second break in between.

There is no warmup or cool down in this video. But she did create this active stretch video that you can use for both if you want to.

My view: it’s a great quick video and if you want to work on your lower body strength and mobility, I would advice doing this routine at least twice a week.

+ 10 minutes
+ bodyweight training
+ glutes/booty
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ female trainer
+ all fitness levels


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