This is a quick HIIT workout that will have you sweaty without completely ‘killing’ you, as trainer Pamela Reid says herself.

What to expect: ten minutes of the more basic bodyweight movements, that will kick up your heart rate and have you breathing faster. Not al exercises include jumping, to keep it at a more intermediate level. Also, the more high intensity exercises are alternated with static holds and ‘active rest’ exercises.

My view: most HIIT workouts will have you grasping for air (and calling the trainer names). Now, this one is not easy but it won’t completely wreck you either. It is a great way to get into HIIT workouts and building up your endurance.

Please do a full warmup before you start! This is not included in the video. No cool down either.

+ 10 minutes
+ full body HIIT
+ female trainer
+ without warmup or cool down
+ no equipment
+ bodyweight
+ cardio
+ with music
+ with timer
+ no talking
+ intermediate level


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