This workout is great proof that you need no jumping to work your body on an intermediate/advanced level.

What to expect: this HIIT workout is no equipment and no jump. This cardio routine is apartment friendly but also great for your knees. Still you will get a good sweat on during this interval workout ( 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest). The exercises vary from lunge variations, forearm plank mountain climbers to low impact burpees and more.

My view: I love all of MadFit’s workouts and this one is great in particular, because you are going to get your heart rate and breathing up like crazy but are still safe (if you have sore joints, pelvic issues) and neighbor friendly. It’s only 10 minutes, so you can do this on it’s own if you don’t have much time or combine it with a little yoga or some strength exercises for a great workout. Oh and please find some time for a warmup and cool down because it is not included in this video.

+ 10 minutes
+ no jump HIIT
+ low impact/apartment friendly
+ without warmup or cooldown
+ female trainer
+ with timer
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ follow along
+ intermediate/advanced


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