This lower body workout for beginners is great to get used to the basics of leg training.

What to expect: this video goes trough five exercises (squat, back lunge on both sides, sumo squat and lateral lunges) that target the lower body. Dr. LA tells you how to do the exercise and gives you important tips and tricks. You do 45 seconds of the exercise followed by a 15 second rest.

My view: I love the beginner workout videos from Dr. LA because she really gets to the basics and takes the time to walk you through them correctly. This is such a great help to get anyone started in home workouts.

There is no warmup or cool down in this video. But she did create this active stretch video that you can use for both if you want to. And if you are just as much a fan of hers as I am: you should really check out her plank and glutes beginner basics workouts.

+ 10 minutes
+ bodyweight training
+ lower body
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ female trainer
+ all fitness levels


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