This apartent (and knee, pelvic floor, joints..) friendly workout by MadFit is a great one if you want to take it easy on all the things listed, but still want to get a great workout in.

What to expect: This is a full body workout, but there is no warmup and there is no cool down. So it’s your responsibility to do these yourself. This video is giving you five low impact exercises for 45 seconds (with a 15 second break in between) for two rounds. This workout is quick, full body, cardio and even a bit HIIT inspired.

My view: although I always love a matching warmup/activation and cool down, this is still a great workout. And as long as you do these yourself, I am happy. So check out these video’s as a warmup beforehand and these cool down workout video’s afterwards to cover all you bases.

+ 10 minutes
+ No warmup or cool down
+ Follow along
+ Female trainer
+ No jump/apartment friendly
+ Full body, bodyweight strength and cardio
+ No equipment
+ With music
+ Timer
+ All fitness levels


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