If you are looking for a neighbor-friendly cardio workout, then look no further. This is a 10 minute, high paced, high energy workout without any jumping.

What to expect: This is mostly a lower body workout. So you can expect squats, curtsy squats, sumo squats.. Well pretty much every squat you can think of. And it’s apartment (and pelvic floor) friendly!

My view: if you are looking for a way to get your heart rate up and work on your legs & glutes without having to jump.. Do this workout! And if you are reading this and thinking: I can jump, so maybe I should check-out another one? No need, this is still a great way to get some lower body work in.

The only down side to me is: this one has no warmup and no cool down. So please check out these video’s for warmup routines and these ones for stretching or these cool down video’s as well.

+ 10 minutes
+ No jump/apartment friendly
+ Follow along
+ No warmup, no cool down
+ Female trainer
+ No equipment
+ All fitness levels


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