So, this dance cardio workout starts with great music right off the bat (Faith Evans – Love like this) and the moves are great as a warmup. You might even think this is going to be an easygoing dance cardio workout. But in the world of dance cardio, nothing is ever really easy.

What to expect: a great easygoing warming up and some core and booty challenges right around Lil’ Kim. Although there are some high intensity parts (during Ciara for instance), this is mostly a sculpting or toning workout. Which is great because most dance cardio are way more high paced. So if you are in the mood to dance but not jump around for thirty minutes straight, this is a great one for you!

My view: if you want to sweat and get in some sculpting time for your whole body, this is a great workout to do. It’s only 10 minutes, but you will feel the burn. The exercises Pamela starts with are a great warmup, but a cool down is not included. Check out these video’s to find a great stretch routine to add on after this workout.

I would say this routine is accessible for all fitness levels. But there is jumping and there are not modifications available. So be ready for that. And if you enjoyed this one, I have reviewed another Pamela Reif dance workout here.

+ 10 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ High intensity and sculpting
+ All fitness levels
+ With modifications
+ Follow along


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