Combining some of my favourite core exercises (like standing crunches)  with ballet inspired moves: this is a core workout like no other.

What to expect

It’s only ten minutes, but there is even a warmup and cool down included in this one. So it does cover all he basics. You will work your abs and a bit of your glutes during this ballet-inspired workout created by celebrity trainer Marnie Alton. The workout is completely no-equipment, so ‘barre-inspired’. No barre, chair or other surface is needed. You only need yourself and this video!

My view

This video is just a really fun and effective way to change up your regular workout routine. And since it’s just ten minutes (and no equipment), there are no excuses not to do it!

+ 10 minutes
+ barre inspired
+ core
+ all fitness levels
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ with modifications
+ including warmup and cool down


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