This is a great low key, easily accessible though challenging and fun home workout. But you do need some dumbells. So grab yours and let’s press play!

What to expect

You will be following along with MadFit for five exercises, 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds rest for two rounds total. Listen to all of the extra information that she gives during the workout, so you can be sure that your form is correct. There is a bit of music to distract you from the fire that will be coming up in your back, arms, chest and shoulders. It’s just ten minutes, so stay with it!

Presses, rows, extensions and curls.. They are all there. Easy to follow but definitely challenging for your body!

My view

This is a workout that can be really quick and tough when you pick a heavier weight, but if you are just starting out lifting weights at home, this is a great beginner workout. Just pick a lighter weight to begin with and familiarize yourself with the exercises.

I love this workout. It’s short, fiery, straightforward, easy to follow and great for your upper body muscles.

You do have to fend for yourself when it comes to the warmup and cool down, but that’s OK. Especially because you’ll probably be adding this workout to another video like a lower body or ab workout. I’ve got some warmup and cool down videos ready for you if you need them.

+ 10 minutes
+ upper body workout
+ with dumbells
+ all fitness levels: depending on your dumbells
+ follow along
+ with music
+ with timer
+ no warmup or cool down
+ female trainer


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