This workout is not called ‘lower body burnout’ for nothing. There is no jumping involved so dr. LA Thoma has you staying in the same move for quite some time (30 seconds) before you move on to bounces in that same exercise. So yes, if there is one thing that is for sure: you will feel that burn!

Wat to expect: different lower body exercises are given to you in this workout. You will target all the muscles in your lower body (from booty to legs and inner thighs).

My view: this workout is great because it is a no jump, no equipment workout and it’s only 12 minutes. So combine this one with a quick ab and/or upper body strength set and you are done!

+ 12 minutes
+ lower body
+ bodyweight strength
+ low impact/no jumping
+ with music
+ with timer
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ (ultimate) beginner


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