Coach Nicole from Spark Fitness leads you through a fun and effective toning workout that targets your abs and your core. While you are seated!

What to expect: This workout is great for all exercise levels, but especially amazing for beginners, seniors or if you have a (lower body) injury and you can’t put any weight on your feet or ankles. This way you can still workout, whatever reason you have not to be standing. In this video you will completely focus on your core.

My view: what I especially love about this workout in particular, is that the trainer is really talking you through the whole thing very carefully. So it might not seem like you’ve done a lot: you have done it safely. So now you know what to do and how to do it, just repeat the exercises a few times to get a complete workout in.

+ 12 minutes
+ seated abs workout
+ perfect for injuries
+ follow along
+ with music
+ female trainer
+ no equipment accept for a chair


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