No jumping! Oh how do we need this, right? Not just good for people with sensitive joints, injuries or pelvic floor problems but how great is this if you live in an apartment building and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors!

What to expect:

This low impact cardio workout will kick your butt. For me 15 minutes is a bit short, even though this is a tough one. If it’s a bit on the short side for you as well you can just do it twice or take the 15 minutes and add a strength workout or a little yoga session. Et voila: the perfect full body workout!

My view:

This workout is great because it’s a no jumper. So it’s great for your body and your neighbors. You will sweat buckets and keep going because the trainer is very motivational and because it’s short: the end is quickly in sight. You can also take the many modifications that are given, so there is something for everyone here. Especially great for beginners to get into at home fitness.

+ 15 minutes
+ Follow along
+ Female trainer
+ No equipment
+ No jumping/apartment friendly
+ With music
+ Warmup and cool down included
+ With modifications (beginner and advanced)

– 15 minutes is a bit short but it might be exactly what you are looking for


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