“One of the best ways to raise your spirits after a challenging day is to dance.” Popsugar created this quick, 15-minute dance workout to help you bounce back. Put on your dancing shoes, press play, and get ready to get your groove on.

What to expect

The moves are not difficult, they are explained very well, the music is up-beat, the girls are having fun.. I really can’t think of a downside to this one. It’s only 15 minutes, you’ll be challenged a bit the first few times you do the moves, you’ll have fun when you get them right and.. You’ll get a good workout in!

My view

Especially if you are new to dance cardio, this is a great one to get you started. And yes Popsugar makes good on their promise: after this workout you’ll definitely be smiling.

+ 15 minutes
+ dance cardio workout
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ with a warmup and a cool down
+ no equipment
+ all fitness levels


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