This workout makes me smile. Not that it isn’t hard (it really isn’t), but sometimes it’s just nice to see the trainer in as much pain as you are. This man is practically dying during this workout, but he is committed and he is working through it. He doesn’t give up. And neither should you!

What to expect: it’s a great workout if you want to tackle the basics: squats, crunches, high knees, plank/mountain climber variations.. It’s all there.

My view: this is a great, quick and simple TABATA workout. No warmup or cool down, so please take the time for this yourself. He gets into jumping immediately and you need warm muscles for that.

Also: take some time to stretch afterwards, or do a quick yoga session to unwind and relax after this one.

+ 15 minutes
+ No warmup or cool down
+ Male trainer
+ Multiple rounds
+ Follow along
+ No timer
+ No music
+ Intermediate and advanced
+ No substantial modifications
+ You might get a bit distracted from all the animalistic sounds that this trainer makes during the workout. I love it though. It’s hard work!


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