I can pretty much start every dance cardio review with the same sentence: It’s not easy but it’s fun. The same thing applies to this workout as well. It’s not easy, some transitions may come by a bit quick and you might not get the whole thing in one try. But hey, you’ve listened to some of the best songs that the 90’s had to offer and yes, you had fun. Oh and you worked out!

What to expect: from Britney to the Backstreet boys, it’s all there. The moves are not extremely hard but it might take you a few tries to familiarize yourself with them and enjoy the whole thing from beginning to end. There is no warmup and no cool down in this video, so take the time to do this yoursef.

My view: There is no shame in doing this workout a few times to get better at it. That’s what I love about dance cardio versus other types of workouts: it actually gets more fun after you’ve done it a couple of times. And even then, it still doesn’t have to be perfect. Just keep that smile on your face and keep moving.

+ 45 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ 90’s
+ No warmup, no cool down
+ High paced, high intensity, high impact
+ All fitness levels
+ Follow along


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