Want to work on a stronger core? Are you a beginner or do you know that your abs really need some extra help? Then this is the right workout for you!

What to expect

I have reviewed many great beginner core workouts (like this planking workout from Dr. LA or this 10 minute Pilates workout by Blogilates), and this one really deserves a spot right next to those. The exercises cover all the basics ánd all the core muscles, while not putting too much strain on your back (something that happens a lot to those of us that don’t have very strong core muscles yet). The only exercise in this video that you really need to take extra care of your posture is the ‘scissor legs’. Listen extra carefully to all the tips and info that MadFit shares with you during this exercise (e.g. keep your back to the floor!).

My view

This workout modifies the harder exercises that you can find in many workout videos, to make them more accessible to everyone. And especially beginners. Try this workout a couple of times and then continue with more difficult core workouts.

If you want a little bit of help finding the right one to move on to, you should check-out my core-challenge here.

+ 15 minutes
+ core workout
+ beginner
+ female trainer
+ with timer
+ with music
+ no equipment


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