Work many muscles at the same time! Introducing: compound movements!

What to expect

In this 15 minute workout, you’ll be following along with Caroline Girvan. Get ready to set fire to your Quads, hamstrings, glutes all working along with your core!

You’ll be working for 40 seconds and get 20 seconds of rest with every exercise. You’ll be doing most of them twice, before you get to the combinations. Oh and there is a great sumo squat burnout at the end!

My view

This is a lower body workout, which usually means you can grab some heavier weights. Be sure to watch your form, though! Especially when doing exercises you’ve never done before. Make sure to challenge yourself, but keep an eye on your form!

Why you should try this workout? It’s really great when you don’t have too much time, because you’ll be working many muscles at the same time with the compound movements. And if you do have the time, it would be great combined with an upper body or cardio workout as well.

+ 15 minutes
+ lower body (compound exercises)
+ dumbells
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ no talking
+ with timer
+ intermediate & advanced
+ no warmup, with cool down

This workout is part of my Sculpt & tone strength workout plan for women: an 8 week home workout program, that I have created specifically for women, using only the very best YouTube video’s. If you want to know more about my home workout plans (with and without dumbells), just click here.


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