So I have been following Caro Daur on Instagram for some time now, mostly because of her outfits, but she is also a really inspiring fitness influencer. This is my 150th review (insert applause) and I think it’s pretty cool!

What to expect

This is a cardio workout fully packed with the basics. From butt kicks to lunges, mountain climbers, squats and skaters. You’ll be repeating them as well, so familiarize yourself with them during the first round and then really kick some ass during the second. There is also a great little core surprise at the end..

My view

I think this is the first non-talking beginner workout that I have posted since starting this platform. I am making an exception because the moves are very straightforward, the video quality is amazing, there are previews and Caro Daur is really executing the moves very well. So watch closely to what she is doing and mirror her as best you can.

Don’t forget to find a warmup and cool down workout and do these before and after.

+ 15 minutes
+ cardio workout
+ for (ultimate) beginners
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ no warmup or cool down


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