This is the second dance cardio workout by Pamela Reif that I am reviewing. I found out about this one in the comment section of other dance cardio workouts. I guess you can say it’s a fan favorite.

What to expect: the high knees section is always a hard one Pamela’s workouts, but stay with it. It’s only 15 minutes. You’ll work your whole body, from core to booty. And don’t forget to sing along! The moves aren’t especially hard, even though it might take you a few tries to get it right. But doing it perfectly is not what dance cardio is about. So don’t give up and just enjoy yourself.

My view: dance cardio is usually a great way for me to get in a good mood and burn some calories at the same time (great combo if you ask me). This workout does that as well. I especially like this video because, I am just going to admit it, I really like the songs. They are the kind of guilty pleasures that you can’t really talk about but everybody loves them. If that makes any sense? From Jennifer Lopez to Ed Sheeran, from Clean Bandit to David Guetta: you know all the songs, you can sing along (please do!) and follow along with Pamela at the same time.

There is no warmup or cool down provided in this video, so please take the time to do this yourself.

+ 15 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ High intensity and sculpting
+ All fitness levels
+ Follow along


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