Let’s fire up those legs!

What to expect

If you’re looking to build strength, muscle, or overall endurance in your lower body, this workout will help you do just that. With deadlifts, goblet squats and drop squats, you’ll be setting fire to all those lower body muscles!

My view

I personally love this workout because it is clean, easy to follow along with (and no talking) but still challenging for my muscles. This workout by Juice & Toya is designed for moderate to heavy resistance, so you’ll want to use a pair of dumbbells that are heavy enough to challenge you with each movement in this workout. But always be aware of your posture!

It’s a quick 15 minute workout, so it is perfect to tag on an upper body or core challenge. You can also go through this video twice, to get a full workout in. Just skip the first 1:30 min when you for the second time.

+ 15 minutes
+ lower body
+ with dumbells
+ male & female trainer
+ no talking
+ intermediate & advanced
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ with previews
+ no warmup or cool down

This workout is part of my build muscle workout plan for men & the sculpt & tone strength workout plan for women: my brand new 8 week home workout programs, that I have created with only the very best YouTube video’s. If you want to know more about these plans, just click here.


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