So this is a workout for beginners, but if you are a little bit more advanced and not in the mood for a heavy, high intensity workout, this is still perfect for you. It is also no jump, so apartment friendly. That is always a plus!

What to expect

Maddie from MadFit has so many exercises at her disposal that this beginner workout is nowhere near basic. Where she could have opted for 15 minutes of basic squat variations, this workout does so much more. Be ready to try some new moves that your (lower) body will love.

My view

Maybe you’ve already picked it up a bit in this review, but this workout makes me so happy. And not just because of the exercises. Maddies form is great, she moves with such strength and sets the right example 100% of the time. This is great for any workout video, but for beginners it’s must.

+ 15 minutes
+ lower body
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ with music
+ no equipment
+ (ultimate) beginner (but great for everyone)


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