If you are a bit further along (at the end of your 2nd or during your 3rd trimester) working out can become a bit of a doozy (still good for you though!). Those little aches become bigger aches and you might experience some back pain or tired muscles all over.

In that case stretching be a big help! This calming stretch routine by Haley from Let’s mama is great. Her voice and the music is so soothing. So if you have some of those little annoyances in your body or maybe you have some trouble sleeping, this stretch routine is the one for you!

+ 15 minutes
+ Prenatal stretching
+ All safe poses
+ All fitness levels
+ All trimesters
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ With music

– It’s not a workout per se, it’s really just about 15 minutes of pure stretching. But it feels gooood.


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