This is a beginner friendly, equipment-free workout (but make sure you have a wall nearby) for your arms, chest, back and shoulders.

What to expect

Push-up variations, shoulder tap planks and what Maddie calls ‘feet shuffles’. No one knows what they are actually called, but they are fire for your shoulders! Love it.

My view

This is a great workout for (ultimate) beginners and intermediates that want to focus on their upper body. These 15 minutes can also easily be added on to a cardio or lower body strength workout. It’s got two rounds and Maddie explains everything to a T. Your upper body is in good hands!

There is no warmup or cool down provided in this video, so please provide this yourself. Here you can find the warmup and cool down workouts that I’ve reviewed.

+ 15 minutes
+ upper body workout
+ arms, chest, back and shoulders
+ and a tiny bit of core as well
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ ultimate beginner, beginner and intermediate
+ no equipment (but have a wall nearby)



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