A great example of a high intensity, low impact workout. 

What to expect

A variety of bodyweight strength and cardio exercises that will help you set fire to the muscles in your entire body. And it’s a no-talker. So enjoy the high intensity music, get your muscles working, your blood flowing.. Without jumping! 

My view

I don’t post workouts like these very often, because I prefer a talking trainer but I also understand that sometimes you just want to workout. Get into the zone, do the work and not have someone talking to you the whole time. Heather Robertson is one of the trainers that I make exceptions for. Why? well, her form is great, there is a timer, ‘up next’ video’s are shown during breaks and the names of the exercises are shown on screen. So you know what to do and how to do it, as long as you keep your eyes on the video. 

Trainer Heather Robertson calls this video a beginner level workout. But, because it is a no-talk workout (no explanations on how it should feel or extra cues during the workout), I would call this intermediate or beginner+ (lot’s of experience working out at home). If you are a beginner and looking for no jump workouts, maybe try these other ones first! And work your way up.

+ 15 minutes
+ low impact cardio
+ low impact
+ no talking
+ follow along
+ without warmup or cool down
+ with timer
+ female trainer
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ intermediate or beginner+


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