Great cues and lots of coaching: that is what you can expect in this workout. If you have never boxed before and want to try it out without equipment, this is the workout to start with.

What to expect

Trainer Julie Nelson (aka Jaws) talks you through it all with ease and precision. The workout starts with a great warmup and then gets into the boxing part of the workout.

My view

She actually makes it look easy, which it isn’t. But with such a great coach, I must say it is a lot of fun! And I will definitely be doing it again. There is no music to distract you from the work. Which is actually really nice. Also, this video shows you the name of the exercise that you are doing right now, so you really learn something.

+ 17 minutes
+ With warmup and cool down
+ Boxing
+ Cardio
+ All fitness levels
+ No equipment
+ No music
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along


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