This is the perfect workout if you are returning to sports after an injury or having a baby, if you are completely new to core exercises or working out in general. Or in other words: if you’re an ultimate beginner. 

What to expect

A few great basic pilates ab exercises (roll ups, single leg stretches, dippers, planks) and some amazing tips and cues.

My view

I deam this an ‘ultimate beginner’ workout, but as trainer Cassey Ho says herself: this can actually be a workout for all levels of fitness. During this workout she gives lots of information about the exercises and how you should carry them out. So it’s also a great foundational video.

“It’s a good thing for everyone to check their form every once in a while,” she says.”No matter how advanced you are!” and I completely agree.

+ 17 minutes
+ core workout
+ pilates based
+ (ultimate) beginner
+ with music
+ no equipment
+ bodyweight workout
+ follow along
+ with a timer
+ female trainer
+ no warmup and only a little cool down


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