Dr. LA is one of my favorites when it comes to at home workout videos. She leads by example (good form), guides you through really well and in this video she also brought her friend Claire along to show you modifications.

What to expect

The video shows the exercise that you are doing in text on screen, tells you which exercise is coming up after your break and she added at timer. In short: There is really no reason at all for you not to kick ass during these 20 minutes!

My view

I love this video for a quick home workout, because it uses nothing more than a mat and the space on the mat to workout (just like this workout by Kyla Itsines). And if you don’t want to jump, you just follow along with the modifications.

This workout includes a warmup and cool down so just grab your mat and get started, because you don’t need anything else.

+ 20 minutes
+ All levels because of the modifications
+ No equipment (just a mat)
+ Female trainer
+ Cardio
+ Follow along
+ Bodyweight strength
+ With Timer
+ With music
+ With warmup and cool down


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