This is a really solid HIIT workout.

What to expect

You will get your heart rate up and really work those muscles, but you are given some breaks to make sure your form doesn’t suffer. For example: there is a press-up exercise that Josh wants you to do from the knees. And believe me, it’s hard enough this way! Especially with everything else that is thrown at you in this one. 

You will be repeating the exercises (including walkouts, push-ups, heel touch hip bridges and some jumping) for 4 rounds. Each exercise is 45 seconds and you will get a 15 second rest in between.

My view

I really enjoyed this workout. Josh speaks clearly and This PureGym workout video also has a timer with sound, so you can really focus on yourself without having to watch the screen the whole time.

Don’t forget to find a warmup and cool down workout and do these before and after. You’ll need it!

+ 20 minutes
+ Repeating circuits
+ Intermediate
+ No equipment
+ Intermediate
+ No warmup or cool down
+ Male trainer
+ With a timer
+ No music (so no distractions!)


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