This seated strength and cardio workout is created for lower body injuries. So if you’ve hurt your ankle or your leg, Puzzle Fit says there is no reason why you can’t go for a little sweat session. And she shows you how.

My view: I love this trainer, she is so calm and careful. She is a great guide throughout the whole workout, which I think is very important in any workout video but if you have an injury it is even more essential. She is actually injured herself during the making of this video, so be sure that she really is mindful of having a hurt ankle while working out.

What to expect: a great warmup is followed by the real work. 20 seconds of work are followed by 10 seconds of rest. I especially love the core exercises.

Whether you’re injured, recovering, wheelchair-bound, stuck at your desk this workout is for you! She does use dumbells so have them (or two filled water bottles) ready.

+ 20 minutes
+ seated strength & cardio
+ for lower body injuries
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ dumbell (and a chair to sit on)
+ with a warmup, without cooldown
+ full body workout


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