As Joe says right at the beginning of this workout: take it one day at a time. And is this your first day of training a home? Then please do this workout.

What to expect: this is a great low impact workout that is easy on the knees and on your heart rate. But you do train your whole body, with plenty of rest in between all the exercises. You can jump, but you don’t have to. Modifications for no-jumping exercises are given throughout the workout.

My view: the exercises aren’t complicated so that is great for beginners. The body coach is also great at explaining what needs to be done, why you are doing it and what you should be feeling. So even though you might be working out on your own with this video, you are definitely not alone.

This video does not include a warmup or cool down so please do this on your own. Find video’s for warmups here and cool down video’s here.

+ 20 minutes
+ beginner
+ follow along
+ bodyweight workout
+ with a timer
+ male trainer

– no warmup and cool down


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