Rick creates the best walking workouts for a great low impact training, and this one will just make you smile.

What to expect

You’ll get in about 2500 steps in this 20 minute workout. I would call it a low impact cardio but it is dance based. This does not mean you need to be able to dance, you just need to be able to keep walking. Moving in a way that feels good. Try to copy Ricks moves, and when that doesn’t work don’t worry and just have fun. This will not be hard, starting with Slam Dunk by Five, getting into I want you back by N’Sync and Everybody by The Backstreet boys.

My view

What a way to start your weekend! Finishing with The Backstreet boys’ fan favourite Larger Than Life, this one will just leave a smile on your face when you are done. What more can you ask for? Sing along, have fun, move your body and get in those steps!

+ 20 minutes
+ walking workout
+ dance based
+ male trainer
+ 2500 steps
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ with timer
+ low impact
+ all fitness levels


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