So I was looking for a Yoga Routine to give to one of my clients to do before bedtime. She needed a little flow that could help her wind down from her day, relax, let it all fall off and get ready for bed. And I mean, don’t we all? Well if you are like her, me and many of us: this is the video that you want to follow along with.

What to expect

This is another great one by Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. It’s a ‘jummy’ bedtime routine as she calls it herself, that will help you transition into the evening. Oh yes!

You will be pointing, flexing, folding, twisting and opening and it is all easy and calm. There isn’t even a downward dog involved.

My view

Especially now we are spending more and more time at home and don’t really have that ‘day tonight’ transition that we are used to, this could be a real game changer for you.


+ 20 minutes
+ Yoga
+ Nighttime flow
+ Relaxing
+ Follow along
+ Female trainer
+ All fitness levels


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