Megan Roup is one of my favorite fitness trainers, and this is a great workout to show you why. This is a no-equipment workout that will challenge you to work a little bit harder, hold a little bit longer and go a little bit further.

What to expect

It is a 20 minute low-impact workout that will sculpt and tone your abs and glutes. With Megans signature moves, on your hands and knees, you will definitely feel that burn today (and tomorrow). This is not an easy workout! But you’ll feel so great when it’s done.

My view

A great warmup, a great workout and a great cool down. I just love this workout. Working with exerises like these will help you get stronger and gain more mobility. I can’t think of any reason why not to do this workout.

+ 20 minutes
+ abs and glutes
+ sculpting/toning
+ female trainer
+ with warm up and cool down
+ no equipment
+ bodyweight training
+ with music
+ intermediate


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