I could easily write a raving review about every workout The Body Coach TV uploads on YouTube each week. Since I wouldn’t have enough time to review many other workouts if I would do that, I won’t. But believe me, this is another gem! So I would definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel if I were you!

What to expect

I would say that this is the perfect intermediate workout. There are some burpees involved, commando’s, lunge jumps.. But all these exercises are easily turned down a notch with the modifications given by the trainer, Joe.

The workout is 20 minutes and contains 2 rounds with 10 exercises. During the first round you will do all exercises for 30 seconds and get a 30 second rest. Things will heat up during the second round where you’ll be working for 40 seconds and resting for 20.

My view

So this workout will definitely have you break a sweat as an intermediate. If you are more of a beginner, this is the kind of workout that you want to do now, then keep working out and doing other video’s and then revisit in a few weeks. See how many modifications you take and which exercises you can slowly do on a higher level.

There is no warmup or cool down included so please take the time to do this yourself before you start and after you’ve finished.

+ 20 minutes
+ Cardio and strength
+ No equipment
+ Male trainer
+ With timer
+ No music
+ Beginner & Intermediate
+ With jumping
+ No warmup or cool down


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