This is a lower body workout in which you will work on your legs, glutes and maybe just a little bit of upper body & core as well. It’s only bodyweight exercises, which are mainly compound moves. All packed into a HIIT workout that ends with a TABATA finisher. Talk about a versatile workout!

What to expect:

Squats to lunge, plank to opposite toe touch, around the world squats, lateral lunges to curtsy, pop squats, Spiderman planks, mountain climbers to push-up.. So basically: a lot. You will start with a warmup in which you will be working for 30 seconds each on four moves back to back.

My view:

This workout is great if you are intermediate or advanced. You don’t need any equipment but I do advise to grab your mat. Because you will be spending some time on the ground. The cues that you get from the trainer during the workout are really great to help you focus on the right form. The timer will help you hang in there. It is a tough one but it feels great when you are done! Also, there is a figure four stretch at the and and I just really love those!

+ 20 minutes
+ bodyweight training
+ intermediate/advanced
+ no equipment
+ lower body
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ including warmup and cool down


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