This full body workout by Pamela Reif is great for the intermediate and advanced home-workout fans.

What to expect: Not all exercises are equally tough, but she starts out with squat jumps and the side planks are no joke. So you know that this is not a beginner workout. There is jumping in this one, but only with the squat jumps. So if you make those a lift, this can be an apartment friendly workout as well.

My view: this is a great workout if you want to challenge your body a bit (the ab exercises in particular are going to give you some fire), and you are not in the mood for a talkative trainer. The exercises are all shown in screen, even the break right in the middle, but this is a no-talk workout. So nice and quiet, focus on the work.

Unfortunately there is no warmup or cool down so you have to do these yourself.

+ 20 minutes
+ full body
+ no equipment
+ no talking
+ intermediate and advanced
+ female trainer
+ with a timer
+ with music
+ follow along