This no-equipment cardio workout from Ashley Kellers living room to yours is great. It’s high intensity but safe for pregnancy. And isn’t that a great combo?

My view: if you are in the mood to get your heart rate up, move your body and get a quick and effective workout in, this is the way to go. It’s less than 20 minutes, so you are done in no time. Nonetheless you will feel satisfied afterwards!

Ashley Keller is a professional athlete. She has a great energy and gives off positive vibes, but is also very to the point and all about the work. This makes me love her workouts.

What to expect: it’s a low impact workout so you won’t be jumping. Great! There are some high legs involved, though. If you are a bit further along in your pregnancy (end of 2nd or in your 3rd trimester), or if you have some pelvic floor problems, maybe don’t kick too high and don’t set your feet too wide (no further than hip with apart). Otherwise, this workout is great for all trimesters and all fitness levels.

+ < 20 minutes
+ Prenatal cardio workout
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ Follow along
+ Low impact (no jump)
+ High intensity
+ All fitness levels

Disclaimer: I have been working as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness trainer for 5 years and I approve this workout. If there is anything that I would change about a video I probably wouldn’t post it or I would tell you about it in the text above.
Nevertheless it is very important to always listen to your body: does this workout feel right? Or am I doing too much? Then please stop. It is always the right choice to talk about working out during your pregnancy and after delivery with your physician. Especially when you don’t work with a trainer 1-1.

Be safe!


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