Reverse ladder! Yeah!

What to expect

In this workout you’ll be following along with Zeus, doing 6 exercises in total: starting with 10 reps of each , then 9 reps, then 8, you’ll get the picture. You’ll be working our way all the way down to one rep of each exercise, while hitting all the major muscles in the lower body!

You can choose a weight that you feel comfortable with, but don’t go to heavy. You can also grab a heavier one while you are working down the ladder, if you think you can take a bit more.

My view

I like this workout because it is a bit different to a regular strength training. But don’t be fooled: you’ll be doing so many (many, many) reps! You’ll probably be having ladder dreams tonight. That said, it’s worth it!

+ 20 minutes
+ lower body
+ with dumbells
+ male trainer
+ no music
+ no timer
+ all fitness levels – depending on your weights
+ no warmup or cool down

This workout is part of my build muscle workout plan for men: an 8 week home workout program, that I have created specifically for men. With only the very best YouTube video’s. If you want to know more about my workout plans, just click here.


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