Chair workouts are perfect if you have an injury, disability, limited mobility, or if you for example, are a bit older. This workout is no exception. Getting fit from a chair is low impact and appropriate for all ages. And Caroline Jordan is the expert.

What to expect: Jack, punch, twist, and kick your way to a stronger self in this Chair Cardio for fat loss workout. Using moves designed to improve your posture, core strength, cardiovascular fitness and functional flexibility, this no-impact video offers an effective way to exercise sitting down.

My view: Well, I must say that you can just really really workout while seated. In just 20 minutes, you will get up your heart rate, put some fire in your muscles, burn calories and feel satisfied afterwards.

+ 20 minutes
+ seated full body workout
+ cardio
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ a chair to sit on
+ including warmup and cool down
+ full body


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