Sit and get fit chair cardio workout. That is what trainer Caroline Jordan calls this video. And I must say, this being the first seated cardio workout that I have ever pressed play on, she is right!

What to expect: well, cardio. From your chair. Jep. That is pretty much it. But it is really amazing. If you have any reason why you are not able to stand while working out, this is the workout for you. It’s full body cardio with a repeating block.

My view: I am just in awe of the trainers that can come up with workouts like this. It’s really amazing to see soo much creativity. So if you have an injury, are a bit older, are overweight or have any other reason why you cant work out while standing, this is the video for you.

+ 20 minutes
+ seated cardio
+ including warmup and cool down
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ a chair to sit on
+ full body workout


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