This TABATA workout is 20 minutes of pure fire. Trainer Dave Dreas goes right into it only a few seconds into the video. So make sure you are properly warmed-up and ready to work before you start this video.

What can you expect: a TABATA workout is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for about 5-10 different exercises. You will repeat a cycle of these exercises once or a couple of times. So you can take some time to get used to what you are doing and really go for it in the second or third round.

This TABATA is made up out of: Push-Ups, High Knees, Squats, Plank Knee Touches, Jumping Jacks and Bicycle Crunches.

In this follow along workout, some modifications are given but not a lot. And it is really hard work. So I would personally advice this workout if you are on an intermediate or advanced level.

My view: The trainer is quick and to the point. If you came here to workout, that is what you are gonna get. 20 minutes, pure work. No warmup or cool down, so make sure that you take time for these before and after the workout.

Great energy, great workout.

+ 20 minutes
+ Cardio workout
+ With a timer
+ Follow along
+ Male trainer
+ No equipment
+ Intermediate and advanced
+ without warmup or cool down


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