This is a grounded workout, everything takes place on your mat. And afterwards your ego will probably be somewhere down there as well.

What to expect:

This 20 minute no equipment workout is made up out of 2 rounds. Ten minutes per round, 45 seconds work with 15 seconds of rest. During the last minute of each round you get a little Russian twist finisher. Oh yeah! The only downside is that there is no warmup or cool down included, so you should do this yourself.

My view

From second one in this video, it is ON. Okay, actually it’s second 50 because there is a bit of an intro, but let me tell you: enjoy those first 50 seconds. After that, it is work, work, work! And burn, burn, burn.

This is an amazing workout if you are intermediate level and you want to get challenged while working out at home. And yes, you will feel this tomorrow. Oh and that makes this extra important: take time to cool down and stretch afterwards!

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+ 20 minutes
+ core workout
+ intermediate and advanced
+ no warmup or cool down
+ with a timer
+ with music
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ no equipment


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